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Cali Kamga, singer and songwriter of Hispano-Cameroonian origins is touring the world walking the stages with international artists like YOUSSOU ‘NDOUR and CALYPSO ROSE. In her long and successful career as backing vocalist, she collaborated with The Wailers for 12 years, as well as Carlos Santana and UB40.

Based in Paris, she writes most of her songs on the road.

Performing on stage from the age of 23 on the afro-congolese scene brought out her ability to lead the STAGE PRESENCE and set the audience on fire.

In 1997 Bob Marley’s keyboard player Tyrone Downie introduced her to the famous reggae band “THE WAILERS” and thanks to him started a 12-years-long collaboration that brought her to a deeper artistic dimension. The bass player and band leader FAMILY MAN BARRET became her “musical dad” as she calls him.


This experience had a strong influence on her composing process that always starts from BASS LINES and RHYTHMS.

During the years she composed a full repertoire and decided to start a solo career.


Being so comfortable with the stage, she did what felt most natural for her making the choice to put a band together in Paris and perform her songs live before going to studio.

Now she is releasing her first single of the homonym EP "READY FOR LOVE”.

Her afro-reggae roots and the urban vibes fuse together to create the frame of her songwriting: expression of universal feelings and personal experiences as a woman.